The Manchester Experience

Local Cantonese-speaking representative to assist and guide you through the steps.

Before Decision-Making
Private guided-tour by local representatives to experience the local lives and establish the right connections before migration. 

On Arrival
Provide information on or arrange airport transfer, temporary accommodation and storage, getting around the Greater Manchester metropolis.

Help to source for and recommend suitable properties for rent or purchase, with advice on location, quality and pricing. Even engage a professional party to survey the property concerned.

Residence rights and obligations
Provide guidance on joining the National Insurance (NI), National Health System (NHS), and to open personal income tax and council tax accounts, extending your stay, application for family re-union.

Employment or Business Opportunities
Provide information on recruitment agencies, salary levels, employee rights, freelancers opportunities, virtual or shared offices, self-maintained offices, registration of a company.

Provide information on pre-school, primary and secondary schools, and tertiary institutions, their rating and specialities.

Daily Life in Manchester
Provide information on the weather, intra-city and inter-cities transport, car rental or purchase, household utilities and expenses budget, grocery shopping, dining out, integrating into the community, culture